Mens sana in corpore sano

"A healthy mind in a healthy body", an exhortation to keep fit, active and well turned out especially for the over somethings, a saying that in ancient times related also to physical beauty as expressed by strength, agility and performance. Very few of us possess a body suitable for high aspirations of fitness and classical appearance. We necessarily suffer from the ravages of sickness, age and general wear and tear and are in any case limited by variations in human characteristics.

This can lead to dissatisfaction with our bodies and is as unhealthy as the opposite, vanity. We must reject this as a way of life. All bodies are unique, unique and beautiful, beautiful because they are unique. Our physical manifestation, our phenotype, is an expression of our genetic inheritance and the environment in which we were brought up. To yearn for another is to deny both body and soul the potential which arises from that originality and clear instructions in our genes.

This collection of articles is about my body's health and wellbeing. I have not looked after it as well as I might and we have been through some wars together but we get along okay and I am fine with it.


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My Sworn Enema

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PTSD, what PTSD?

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Back In The Covid

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