Other portraits and figurative paintings in oil


The earliest of these of the wonder of my days, Sharon, the dear wife of my bosom (as Antony Trollope might have put it!) was made in 2006 and painted in this particular room solely because I could not resist the challenge of painting net curtains from the inside. My portrait of Jade and Paige was inspired by the super realist artist Chuck Close who having lost his abilities through health issues devised a synthetic (my word) technique in order to keep painting. A digitally pixellated version of 1028 squares was created from a photograph. Squares were then painted at random as miniature (25mm x 25mm) abstracts, each with its own title until the image reconstructed itself. At some time I plan to write up the titles of each square.

Portrait of Sharon Warwick

Sharon Warwick

My Wife, 1948 -, Oil on canvas 1000mm x 750
painted 2006

A portrait of Sharon's foot

The Foot of Sharon

Oil on canvas, 700mm x 500mm
painted 2008

A portrait of Jade and Paige

Jade and Paige

Oil on canvas, 800mm x 1000mm
painted 2017

Portrait of Daisy Payne

Daisy Payne

Daisy at age 4, Oil on canvas, 700mm x 500mm
painted 2004

Miscellaneous Others

I get fired up by the simplest of things. The first of these are a pair of purely and intentionally decorative pieces to inspire a granddaughter setting up her first home on her own.

Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Oil on canvas, illuminated, 550mm x 440
painted 2018

Never Give Up

Never Give Up

Oil on canvas, illuminated, 550mm x 440mm
painted 2018